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I'm a young amateur artist and a furry who wishes to transition from man to woman in the future because I've felt more like a woman than a man.(I don't have any specific pronouns so he/she/they are fine. Choose what you are comfortable with.:] )

I have an associates degress in Computer Aided Design and process some basic understanding of manufacturing.

I love star citizen and have been playing and supporting for a decent while. This game is the soul reason why I got a high end gaming PC to begin with! I'm kinda shy around new people but once I get to know you better and the kind of person you are, I'll be more likely to open up to you!~ :D I have a small youtube channel where I occasionally stream and upload videos on a variety of different games, star citizen included! Channel:

List of ships I own(Will be updated when significant ships are added):


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A Cute Trans Wyvern~

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